We are experienced in acting for both the Municipality statutory bodies and the landowner, being the homeowner, developer, industrial, commercial or retailer operator.

Specialized experience in subcategories such as the Building Code, land use legislation, official plans and zoning by-laws, site plans, plans of subdivision, condominium law are basic. Advanced understanding of hydrogeology, geotechnical studies, storm water management, civil engineering, traffic engineering, land use economics, demographics, retail impact and market studies, allow us to comprehensively understand and assess all land use issues.

We have long been involved in municipal finance initiatives and in particular the numerous challenges to municipal Development Charges. Recently, some municipalities have attempted to circumvent such legislation with the creation of a “Municipal Charge” under the Municipal Act. Mr. Petch, with the assistance of Mr. Sayeed, currently have an application before the Superior Court challenging the legality of such.

For developers and homebuilders we are fully cognizant of recent changes in provincial legislation, Policy Statements, Growth Plans, requiring increased densities, improved civil engineering solutions to reduced road widths and servicing trenches, energy efficient developments and housing.

Mr. Petch and Mr. Cheeseman assisted by Mr. Sayeed worked with a small group of other leading members, representing the Municipal Bar in meetings with representatives of the Premier’s Office and senior staff of the Attorney General and Ministry of Municipal Affairs to seek amendments to Bill 139 which purports to abolish the OMB Act.

Our specialized skills and experience allow us to act at all stages of the approval process, starting with the initial approval stages before the municipal committees and Council, through the entire appeal process before the Ontario Municipal Board and related Boards, mediation tribunals, appeals to the Divisional Court and Superior Courts, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada.

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